The works of Corinne Kruger are about the reliving of past situations and to capture personalbasic attitudes. Part of this effort is the usage of personal meaningful objects. They are being passed down from image to image. The usage of this object in an image will strengthen it’s meaning. The used objects are ordinary, recognizable at first sight. It is the continuous repetition  in the images that raises questions. To know several images is necessary to start to understand the whole story. For example the same dress, blanket, gun or wig. Other objects from the past are not recognizable. They only represent a private meaning.  It is like a chain reaction. The images always receive an additional charge when these objects are used. Also models can play a role in different images and can form a story of their own, often together with the objects.

In this way I construct my own reality, I reconstruct my own reality. A constructed truth. Within this reality patterns seem to reappear. I translated these patterns to atmospheres. I tried to strengthen their definition with the formation or small series, illustration and sound. In this way I deliver the context of the images, because this context is largely missing.

The  work has been called: authentic, beautiful, tense,  strange, recognizable,  particular,introverted,  perfect beauty, theatrical, rhythmic,  contradictory and hysterical.

In general you could call the work  Romantic Conceptualism.